Stay Sexy While You Save This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has a little bit of something for everyone. Romance for happy couples, another opportunity for an argument for unhappy couples, and twice the chocolate for singles.

While some might think of Valentine’s Day as just another commercial holiday, others relish the chance to give, get, and spend some quality time with their partner.

And though spending can certainly be a factor in your Valentine’s Day gift equation, money doesn’t have to make or break your romance. You can show your love without racking up a debt, and you save on gifts without looking cheap.

This Valentine’s Day, we at qiibee want to give you a few helpful tips on how to save money on the most romantic day of the year without dropping a brick.


  • Use vouchers to pay for a romantic dinner for two. Unless, of course, you’re trying to go home alone…
  • Think that a gift card is a nice present. Nothing says I-totally-forgot-it-was-Valentine’s-Day-until-I-saw-the-Instagram-memes like an impersonal piece of plastic.
  • Send your partner to a cooking class alone. It comes off as less of a romantic gesture and more of passive aggressive commentary on their current cooking skills.
  • Book a vacation that neither of you wants to go on simply because it’s part of your points program. Whether you pay for it or not, a bad vacation is a bad vacation.
  • Buy the Love Coin or the Penis Coin for your Valentine — while they might sound like the perfect V-Day gift for a crypto-enthusiast, they’re both shitcoins. You’d be better off gifting the real thing ;)


  • Make a romantic dinner at home. Not only can your accumulated points help you save at the store, but you can also show off your skills in the kitchen. And guess what? Your partner doesn’t even have to know that you used points to purchase your homemade candlelit dinner.
  • Use your gift cards to buy real gifts. Rather than gifting that impersonal piece of plastic (see above), use it to purchase something thoughtful, considerate, and personal.
  • Book a romantic getaway for the two. Redeem your points with purpose this Valentine’s Day, and put all those airline miles and hotel nights earned to good use with a memorable vacation.
  • Take a cooking class for two. It’s a romantic way to spend time together, learn something new, and get free food. Check your loyalty points programs to see how you can spend your rewards on classes.
  • Invest in legitimate cryptocurrency. Rather than giving Love / Penis shitcoins, buy your loved one some worthwhile tokens — after all, is there anything more romantic than investing in your financial future together?

While Valentine’s Day is all about love, it’s not just for couples. You can celebrate Valentine’s, even if you’re single AF.

  • Plan a cocktail night with friends. Use your loyalty points to pick up the ingredients from your local supermarket and spend the evening making creative alcoholic beverages with the people you love.
  • Go for a girls’/boys’/friends’ trip. Spend your airline miles and hotel stays on a group trip with friends and/or family.
  • ‘Treat yo self’. Buy yourself a little something with your gift cards, vouchers, and whatever else your loyalty has earned you. After all, there’s nothing more important than a little self love :)
  • Invest in your future. Take all the money you’re not spending on a Valentine’s Day gift, and put it into crypto. Who knows: maybe by this time next year, you’ll be a Crypto Billionaire with lots of cash to spend on a gift for your new partner.