qiibee and CanYa, partnering to maximise mainstream adoption in the crypto space

qiibee is pleased to announce an official partnership with CanYa; a decentralized marketplace of peer-to-peer services.

CanYa’s Vision

CanYa believes in a decentralized marketplace where services can instantly be exchanged for cryptocurrency or fiat.

This enables the community to find, book and pay skilled services in cryptocurrencies.

By building CanYa upon the Ethereum Blockchain, transparency will be increased, settlement times will be quicker and it will create a truly trustless environment.

CanYa & qiibee Integration

qiibee is very proud about the CanYa integration as they are the first business adapting our technology to add further value for their customers.

By integrating a qiibee layer into the CanYa platform they will not only give their users the ability to earn loyalty tokens but to also have the freedom to swap them freely between any other loyalty program integrated in our ecosystem.

History of CanYa

In 2015 with a clear vision in mind, CanYa was founded by John-Paul Thorbjornsen. Whilst in 2016 the idea was developed, they performed a successful soft-launch this year. Throughout this time, more than a thousand peer-to-peer jobs have been processed with over 3400 provider listings and 7600 engaging platform-users. And on the 26th of November their TGE will start. Check out their Whitepaper.

Benefits to qiibee users

Throughout the collaboration with CanYa, our qiibee users will be able to exchange their tokens into CanYa tokens to then make use of their service platform. They will be able to easily search, book and pay qualified services all around the world by paying simply with CanYa’s cryptocurrency, the CanYaCoin. For more specific information about CanYa, join their Telegram Channel.