Partners in Business

How MindNow is helping us make the most of brand partnerships

“Everyone choose a partner!”

While your teacher stood at the front of the classroom, you all scrambled to pick partners for the upcoming class project. Your partner determined your success — or at the very least, your satisfaction. You could pick your best friend or the straight-A student, or you could wind up with the control freak or the slacker. But in those days, your partnership meant everything.

Now, in business, your partnerships matter even more than ever before.

In the loyalty market, partnerships are especially important. Between brands and people, storekeepers and customers, companies and clients. That’s why as a player in the loyalty market, partnerships are key to our strategy at qiibee.

Yesterday we gave you peek into our new relationship with Lattesso. Today, we want to give you the lowdown on another new strategic partner: MindNow.

Mind Who? Marketing with a conscious, fit for the 21st century.

MindNow is a Swiss-based online marketing agency. It was founded in 2017 by three expert businessmen: Andreas Hugi, Lorenz Furrer, and Daniel Grossen. Grossen founded Scout24, a leading digital marketplace, and is an investor in none other than yours truly — qiibee. Hugi and Furrer own of Switzerland’s largest communication agency, “furrerugi,” which is also one of the best-known agencies when it comes to business, politics, and society.

Despite its corporate roots, MindNow has a modern, new-age vibe. They do mission-driven marketing, choosing to promote products that positively affect our society, planet, and people. They’re sustainably-minded, with an eye toward a healthy, fair, and cruelty-free future.

Although the company’s youth, MindNow has certainly covered ground in marketing world. During its first year of operation, the team secured collaborations with top brands like McDonald’s, Google Switzerland, Mondalez / Oreo, and other household names.

The partnership pros: how MindNow is helping us build new relationships with brands.

Our partnership with MindNow clears some space on our overfilled plate, letting us concentrate on the stuff we do best. MindNow will take charge of all things under the partnership sun by directly approaching prominent brands, securing partnerships, and fostering great relationships, leaving us with more time and bandwidth to focus on our product and technology.

And thus far, the partnership is off to a promising start. Just take it from Jean-Paul Saija, CEO of MindNow.

“Major industry leaders from the retail, financial, and tourism industries as well as lifestyle brands have already shown great interest in the new qiibee technology and the immense possibilities.”

Now, MindNow will handle all aspects of wooing, courting, and onboarding new brands, while we make sure integration with our active partners (like Lattesso) is running smoothly.

As this new business relationship buds, blossoms, and helps us grow even more partnerships, we’re excited to work alongside MindNow to make qiibee the best loyalty ecosystem on the market.

Disclaimer: All the information in this article are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal, accounting, or investment advice of any kind. This article does not represent a solicitation for investment, nor does it represent an offering or sale, public or private, of any kind of financial instrument, security or otherwise, in any jurisdiction.