New Major Partners On Board:

Lattesso partners with qiibee to reward customers with cryptocurrency and MindNow brings more impressive brands on board


We have amazing news to share: Lattesso — leading producer of iced coffee — and qiibee signed a collaboration to reward the cold coffee drinkers in 7 different countries for every sip they take. Lattesso is one of the first major clients who will adjust their loyalty program and built it on the qiibee technology to reward their customers. Lattesso drinkers will then be able to exchange their loyalty tokens for other brand tokens within the qiibee ecosystem or exchange them into other crypto or domestic currencies — while sipping their delicious, cold coffee. With this collaboration, Lattesso is now one of the leaders in regards of “Loyalty Programs 3.0”.

Lattesso has recognized the sorry state of loyalty programs whereby several disadvantages arose during the past years and a high rate of fragmentation generating operational inefficiencies has overshadowed the market. As customers’ loyalty points weren’t compatible with each other the account activity lowered to a minimum and redemption rates decreased extremely, causing the gloomy situation. qiibee will tackle all these problems by bringing together loyalty program owners as well as customers, and maximizing everyone’s advantages.


Not only Lattesso acknowledged the benefits of the qiibee ecosystem. Jean-Paul Saija, CEO of MindNow says: “Major industry leaders from the retail, financial & tourism industry as well as lifestyle brands have already shown great interest in the new qiibee technology and the immense possibilities.” The strategic partnership with MindNow will allow us to concentrate on our product and technology while they focus on directly approaching prominent brands as this Swiss-based online marketing agency works with an impressive list of clients.

Update Seed Round

Thanks to the above mentioned milestones, we’ve caught the attention of major industry players such as Daniel Grossen, founder of online marketplaces Scout24, who invested significantly in the current seed round. He recognized that the new qiibee ecosystem meets real needs. This news sparked the interest of so many people that in the last two days we got overwhelmed with contribution requests. This means that the option to benefit from the 50% discount is quickly coming to an end. Grab your chance now and be part of the future of crypto-loyalty.

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