Lattesso Is On Board!

Insight on the partnership between qiibee and Lattesso

Earlier this week, we announced our happy new relationship to Lattesso. Together, we’ll reward their customers during this years summer, with Lattesso tokens for every cup they enjoy. Now, we want to tell you a little more about this fruitful partnership between chilled coffee and cryptocurrency.

About Lattesso

Lattesso isn’t your average cup of joe. This five-year-old chilled coffee company was founded by Erich Kienle, former CMO of Emmi, Switzerland’s largest milk producer, and creator of the famous “Emmi Caffe Latte.” With Lattesso, Kienle sought to bring a more natural, sophisticated, and convenient product to the coffee market.

Lattesso combines natural ingredients, innovative packaging, and a passionate team who make a drink that is one-of-a-kind. Lattesso offers the first takeaway coffee made with high quality Swiss milk, sustainable sourced Arabica coffee beans, and without any additives.

Most importantly, the people behind this Swiss brand are passionate about their work. They pour their hearts and souls into every cup of their chilled coffee, ensuring that it’s perfectly natural and naturally delicious. Ultimately, it’s that passion that sets them apart from the rest.

Get rewarded for your coffee-on-the-go.

When Lattesso adopts qiibee technology, Lattesso customers can earn Lattesso tokens simply by enjoying their chilled morning brew. Later, they can use those tokens to buy goods from other participating brands (or, more Lattesso) or exchange them for other crypto or domestic currencies.

“It’s amazing that our customers will be able to exchange their (Lattesso) loyalty tokens for cryptocurrencies on their smartphone while enjoying our iced coffee on the go,” says Kienle, “Giving them a maximum freedom of choice when it comes to redeeming their rewards makes the collaboration even more powerful.”

Blockchain turns your cups of Lattesso into cash rewards.

Each Lattesso coffee includes a code. That code can be redeemed within the Lattesso app, and will credit the user with Lattesso tokens.

When you register as new user within the Lattesso app, a new wallet will automatically be created. Then, you can import the contents of that wallet into your qiibee wallet whenever you choose.

Lattesso tokens will exist only on the private qiibee blockchain. This (1) minimizes transaction costs and (2) speeds up transaction times, thereby ensuring immediate exchange between loyalty tokens and enabling redemptions within physical stores.

Additionally, users can exchange Lattesso Tokens for QBX on the public Ethereum blockchain, which would allow further exchanges into crypto or fiat currency. However, this feature will only be available after the qiibee crowd sale (June 2018), when QBX will become freely transferable.

All of this gives Lattesso Token holders a complete and absolute freedom of choice when it comes to redeeming their rewards — making their Lattesso even more enjoyable.

We are moving fast and great brands are joining us. Lattesso is the first of many who jumped on our crypto loyalty rocket. Now it’s your time to come on board! Click here to participate in our seed round and don’t miss the chance to benefit from a 50% discount.

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