Introducing: qiibee, a decentralized loyalty ecosystem

Loyalty programs have exploded in popularity these past years. Almost anyone who has customers has one. Coffee shops, restaurants, airlines, gas stations, even your local bakery shop, they are everywhere.

Yet, loyalty programs are in a sorry state. With all companies urging to create their own loyalty program, this results in a high rate of fragmentation within the loyalty market, generating operational inefficiencies such as customer account inactivity and low redemption, due to loyalty programs not being compatible with each other.

Additionally, sensitive data reflecting the lifestyle of the customer, is owned by the loyalty program owner and stored on a central database. This presents one single point of attack for hackers, which increases the risk of system failure and potential data manipulation.

It is to solve these inherent problems that we are building qiibee, a decentralized, blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem.

At qiibee, we will provide a loyalty platform and developer interface on which every loyalty application can be easily decentralized and tokenized. With the addition of our wallet, customers will be able to store all loyalty tokens earned in the ecosystem in one place. Additionally they will be able to exchange these tokens with each other, and thus maximize their freedom of choice. The opportunities resulting from building a loyalty application with our tools are increased data security, less costs for loyalty program owners and complete removal of the liability connected with loyalty programs.

By doing this, we are able to connect a fragmented market, increase its operational efficiencies as well as cut out the central data authority. Our mission is to become the go-to community for the discipline created by combining loyalty and crypto technology: crypto loyalty.

On our journey we are going to take you through:

  1. Introduction to qiibee
  2. The loyalty market is messed up!
  3. How did our journey start and what did we learn?
  4. Why blockchain & token technology?
  5. qiibee, a decentralized loyalty ecosystem
  6. What happens next on our journey?

We started our journey into the loyalty market 3 years ago. Back then we wanted to build an application, brands could not only reward their users for shopping but also for creating and engaging with content. Our prototype attracted 75’000 Swiss users, approx. 1% of all Swiss internet users, accumulated more than 6mn activities, as well as an average time per user of 27’. We worked with more than 900 local, national and international brands such as Subway, Burger King or SBB (Swiss Federal Railway). By gathering this precious experience, we realized that we needed to focus on the underlying platform to truly find a solution to the above mentioned problems.

We want to take it to the next level — We strive to develop our technology as well as build and educate our community by organizing conferences and hackathons, co-create best practices and provide video tutorials on how to use the tools needed to create a loyalty application on our platform. In doing so, we, at qiibee, encourage the adoption of crypto loyalty.

Let’s disrupt the loyalty market together! Join us now on our journey!

Disclaimer: All the information in this article are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal, accounting, or investment advice of any kind. This article does not represent a solicitation for investment, nor does it represent an offering or sale, public or private, of any kind of financial instrument, security or otherwise, in any jurisdiction.
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